Huge benefits can be achieved through RNR Services’ proven environmentally-friendly, and just as important, cost-effective washroom and bathroom hygiene services, products and systems.

Sanitary Disposal Services

RNR Services specialise in regular servicing of sanitary units in washroom cubicles.

Your washroom speaks volumes about your business to both your customer’s and staff. Creating the right impression in today’s modern washroom environment is essential and providing a high standard of safety and cleanliness has never been easier or more cost effective.

All sanitary disposal units are charged with a highly effective sanitising agent to eliminate odours and kill bacteria inside the unit.

On each service you will be left with a cleaned, recharged and sterilised unit. Servicing is at a frequency to suit you and is carried out in a professional discreet, and hygienic manner.

There is different size units available upon request, to suit your area size.

Sanitary Disposal Units

Our sanitary hygiene services provide a discreet, flexible and reliable solution for your sanitary waste disposal requirements.

  • Attractive sanitary disposal units of various designs and capacities suiting all locations
  • Sanitary units all have a hygienic masking tray
  • Granule deodorize placed in the sanitary unit break down the bacteria and remove unpleasant odours
  • Sanitary waste Disposal Services can be tailored to suit your requirements
  • Toilet cubicles vary enormously and a sanitary unit should fit easily between the toilet and wall yet be large enough to have maximum capacity

Our sanitary disposal unit service fully meets the need for something other than simply flushing waste down the toilet or placing it in a waste bin. For you it provides the safeguard of knowing that health, social and environmental concerns have been dealt with satisfactorily – but more importantly – legally. For women, we provide a clean, safe environment

Our guarantee to you is providing a safe, clean and sanitised environment.

Air Freshener Dispenser Service

RNR Services offer a battery operated aerosol unit

These electronic units deliver measured doses of fragrance at timed intervals.

With a wide range of aerosol fragrances to suit all odour control situations, RNR Services uses only the best scents available.

These are the most effective odour control system in areas of heavy usage.

For each service, our fully trained staff service maintains the unit. Our wide range of fragrances will combat all malodour and give your areas a fresh, appealing environment.

Hassle-free Air Freshening

ABS plastic construction helps make RNR Services air freshener vandal resistant and the batteries are housed behind a secure screw cover to reduce vandalism.

Attractive Unit

With its compact, contemporary design, RNR Services is an ideal air freshening unit for all washrooms and communal areas.

Positioned anywhere to suit your decor, on the wall or bench top.

Regular Servicing

Air freshener dispenser service benefits from regular no-hassle servicing, so you can be assured that your site will always have a pleasant atmosphere.

Soap Dispenser Service for washrooms

RNR Services offer a soap dispenser

RNR Services soap dispenser service for washrooms is a classically designed liquid soap dispenser suitable for all hand washing environments. This soap dispenser is available for direct fill and is built for service. Robust and reliable, it has strong service and hygiene features.

The main benefits are, reliability, durability, ease of service, maximum hygiene to end user, the ‘Pump Assembly’, offers a push action.

Features and Benefits

  • Straight forward design and use of highly durable material
  • Angled top of dispenser to prevent cigarette burn damage
  • Hinged cover for operator convenience and speed of service
  • Practical inspection window shows when a refill is required
  • Patented one-way valve prevents soap and bacteria from returning
  • Soap lotion supplied to suit your environment
  • Constructed fully from ABS plastics
  • Push operation

Toilet Seat Sanitiser Service

Prevents cross infection

Bacteria commonly found on toilet seats, such as E-Coli and Enterococcus Hirae, can lead to gastritis, gastroenteritis and urinary infections.

Our toilet seat sanitiser helps improve the cleanliness of your toilet cubicle and creates a more hygienic environment. The non-irritant liquid cuts through water marks, limescale deposits and grease to leave surfaces clean and sanitised without marking or damaging washroom surfaces. Our toilet seat sanitiser service offers antibacterial surface protection, which protects against cross-infection and is proven to dramatically reduce the spread of pathogenic germs such as E.coli and Enterococcus Hirae, which can lead to gastritis, gastroenteritis and urinary infections.

Benefits of toilet seat sanitiser service

  • Fully installed, refilled, and serviced monthly by RNR Services technicians.
  • Gel will kill 99.9% of E-Coli, Enterococcus Hirae, HBV, and HIV.
  • Dispensers are placed in each stall.
  • Apply gel to existing toilet paper and wipe toilet seat.
  • Quick drying enables immediate toilet use.

Urinal Cleaner Products Service

Sparkle Screen CONCENTRATE Deodorizing System With Enzyme’s.

Protects against costly maintenance of pipe work, fixture or fitting.

  • Size-free to fit urinals
  • Designed for Water and Waterless Urinals
  • Automatically cleans, freshens, deodorizes and disinfects, sanitizes
  • Special Splash Proof With Enough Mass to Hold Strong Fragrance
  • Helps to eliminate odors while preventing clogging.
  • Prevents Bacteria/Germs from Multiplying – Prevents Clogging
  • RNR Services Urinal Deodorizing Service
  • Full-service benefit – RNR Services technicians will replace each gel mat every month.

Freshens Urinal for 30 Days – 15x more fragrance which is gradually released over 30 days versus a vinyl urinal screen. Each gel mat contains beneficial bacteria that eliminates odour, while emitting fragrance.


  • Eliminates Odours – Releases billions of optimized bacteria that clean the urinal and eliminate odours.
  • Saves Time & Money – Revolutionary design reduces splash back while optimizing fragrance release – cutting cleaning time by up to 50%.
  • Translucent Flexible Design – Allows full view of urinal drain to ensure optimal drain flow while trapping debris.
  • Recommended for both flush urinals and waterless urinals
  • Multiple fragrances are available.

Toilet Rolls

Affordable quality Livi Essentials toilet rolls, we offer cost effective, quality toilet paper

GSM (+/-1) 15

Sheet Width (mm) 100

Sheet Length (mm) 110

Roll Diameter +/- 3 (mm) 117

Inner Packaging individually wrapped roll

Outer Packaging carton

Units / Carton 48

Hand Towells

RNR Services stocks of premium hand towels at the lowest prices.

Disposable Hygiene Towels for Hand Drying and Cleaning. You can dry your hands quickly and efficently every time with Essentials Towel and Dispenser Solutions.
Paper Type Virgin

Sheets per Pack 200

Ply 1

GSM (+/-1) 37

Sheet Width (mm) 230

Sheet Length (mm) 230

Inner Packaging interleave in paper sleeve

Outer Packaging carton

Units / Carton 20

RNR Services currently distributes our premium bathroom paper range to RSL clubs, property services, cleaning contractors, restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, accommodation houses and government organizations around Australia.

We can supply bulk washroom paper at competitive prices so call us now to negotiate a deal!


Nappy Unit

Hygienic hands-free 45 litre foot pedal operated nappy & incontinence waste bin.

Manufactured from polypropylene plastic, chemical & stain resistant.

Strong durable high quality plastic with a flexible structure.

Sturdy foot pedal operation and easy open lid.

Easy to clean and maintenance free.

Assembled Bin Dimensions: 41x40x60cm

While many parents could attest that their own children could go through hundreds of nappies in given week, there are various different industries that may need to put together a nappy waste collection plan to effectively and safely manage their sanitary waste.

How can we help?

At RNR Services, we’re always on hand to help you put together an effective waste management service, no matter what kind of businoss you operate.  As a result, we’ve worked closely with various child we and Carers of Disabled and Elderly to arrange for the safe and secure collection of their nappy/incontinence and childcare waste.

We’ll work closely with you to put together a waste together plan that works for your company. Not only will we provide you with a range of free bins, but our team of experts can also help you minimize waste at its source, saving you valuable money overtime. Following this we’ll ensure your waste is collected at a time that is convenient for you — whether that results in weekly, fortnightly or monthly collections.

Are nappies classed as hazardous waste?

While it is not hazardous, it is unpleasant in sight and smell and could lead to health issues further down the line. It is also often described as ‘offensive/hygiene waste’, or “human hygiene waste’, and there are various nappy waste disposal legislations put in place to ensure that it is disposed of properly.

Can I use a regular bin for nappies?

While you can of course chuck disposable nappies into your kitchen or bathroom bin, a standard bin simply won’t contain the smell like a specially-designed nappy disposal bin will. Nappy bins can contain soiled nappies and minimise smells.

How oten should you empty a nappy bin?

Although you can fill a nappy bin with up to 55 nappies, its good practice to not let it get that full and empty it regularly. We recommend emptying your nappy bin at least every 3 days. This should allow for a maximum of 3o nappies to fill the bin at any one time.