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Do I need to sign a contract for washroom services?

No, we meet with your standards, if your not happy then we’re not happy.

Is plumbing needed to install a sanitary disposal unit?

No plumbing required.

Do I empty the sanitary disposal unit myself?

No, we do that for you.

How big is the sanitary disposal unit?

We have three different sized units to suit individual requirements.

How often are the sanitary disposal units scheduled to be exchanged?

Generally monthly unless you require more often. Our service schedule is flexible to suit your requirements.

When can the sanitary disposal unit be installed?

We provide an extremely fast service and aim for same or next day.

What if I run out of soap in the dispenser?

Our technicians monitor the level of soap monthly to ensure a continuous amount of soap is available. Unless there is a sudden high usage of soap, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff and the unit will be filled on the same day.

Why do we need an air freshener dispenser?

Air freshener dispenser promotes a clean and fresh environment. These are the most effective odour control systems in areas of heavy usage.

What if I need an urgent service call?

Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff.  We will ensure a visit to your premises are scheduled for the same or early the next day.