Nappy Unit

  Hygienic hands-free 45 litre foot pedal operated nappy & incontinence waste bin.

Manufactured from polypropylene plastic, chemical & stain resistant.

Strong durable high quality plastic with a flexible structure.

Sturdy foot pedal operation and easy open lid.

Easy to clean and maintenance free.

Assembled Bin Dimensions: 41x40x60cm

While many parents could attest that their own children could go through hundreds of nappies in given week, there are various different industries that may need to put together a nappy waste collection plan to effectively and safely manage their sanitary waste.

How can we help?

At RNR Services, we’re always on hand to help you put together an effective waste management service, no matter what kind of business you operate.  As a result, we’ve worked closely with various Carers of Disabled and Elderly to arrange for the safe and secure collection of their nappy/incontinence and child care waste.

We’ll work closely with you to put together a waste plan that works for your company. Not only will we provide you with a range of free bins, but our team of experts can also help you minimize waste at its source, saving you valuable money overtime. Following this we’ll ensure your waste is collected at a time that is convenient for you — whether that results in weekly, fortnightly or monthly collections.

Are nappies classed as hazardous waste?

While it is not hazardous, it is unpleasant in sight and smell and could lead to health issues further down the line. It is also often described as ‘offensive/hygiene waste’, or “human hygiene waste’, and there are various nappy waste disposal legislation put in place to ensure that it is disposed of properly.

Can I use a regular bin for nappies?

While you can of course chuck disposable nappies into your kitchen or bathroom bin, a standard bin simply won’t contain the smell like a specially-designed nappy disposal bin will. Nappy bins can contain soiled nappies and minimise smells.

How oten should you empty a nappy bin?

Although you can fill a nappy bin with up to 55 nappies, its good practice to not let it get that full and empty it regularly. We recommend emptying your nappy bin at least every 3 days. This should allow for a maximum of 3o nappies to fill the bin at any one time.